Wednesday 22 April 2015

Early post

I'm going to be super busy tomorrow with sorting out turnarounds and finishing off business studies so I'm going to post early.

So for business studies (as most of you will know), I have to do an ultimate image, I did one or two sketches but I didn't like them, then why don't I do something thrones related (as most of my work is right now).
But! instead of having the throne made of out swords, why don't I make it out of wacom pens and I drew up the initial sketch and it worked quite well.

What I was planning to do then was to make it like the promo for the first season of GoT but have my character designs from all three years around the top of me . At first I thought it looked quite good but on closer inspection it looked messy and cluttered so I took the characters out.

And then I ended up with the bad boy below, there are a few gaps in the throne, so me and James came up with the idea that every time I beat someone at an art rap battle (or something along those lines) their wacom pens become part of my throne so there's plenty of room to try and beat more people and add their pens to my throne MWAHAHAHA!!

So like I said before, there will be no updates tomorrow as I'll be a very busy bee

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