Tuesday 5 November 2013

School Kids !!!!

This was the project that I was most looking forward to doing and what is this project you ask?

Well for this project our tutor Matt went to his local school and asked the pupils there to draw a character to a sound clip. After that everyone in our class was allocated a character and a sound clip 

I was given Ellice Parker's drawing and the sound clip that I was given was 'Whizz Palace'

TMNT Story Board

TMNT Story Board 

For the other half of this project we were allocated a page number of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle script. I was given page13

I wasn't looking forward to this part of the project because when it comes to working out camera angles and movements I'm not very confident but as I did my thumbnails I slowly got into it and started to enjoy it more 

A new year and new project

Story Boards 

For our first project we got to story board an advert.

For the advert I chose the Tetley Tea advert where Sydney is inside a package and is carted off around a warehouse and then is placed on a store shelf