Sunday 3 February 2013

Figurative Animation

For this project  we had to animate a walk cycle ,someone pushing or pulling and someone lifting or throwing a object. I found animating a walk cycle very difficult because I would get the arms moving correctly but not the legs or the other way around, but I wasn't going to let it defeat me. The pull animation was a little bit easier to animate but even so there were some things wrong with it. However for the lift I could only key frame it because I ran out of time.

Timing and Mechanics

This project was definitely not my best work as I found animating the car difficult. At the beginning of the project I thought animating the car would be quite easy but as I found it was difficult to get to grips with. After finishing the car animation I went onto the next piece of animation which was the flag and I found the flag much easier to animate. But when it came to the whip animation I again found that difficult and because if time issue's I could not correct the mistakes.

Sound Sync