Friday 24 January 2014

Major Project

The Major project course work was quite a fun project 
the only downside of it was that I had to send my laptop in which caused me to fall back a bit on some of the work 

For the project the art strand people had to design another character that went with the child's character from the previous project and also create a story which was in the form of either a pitch or a comic and I chose a pitch 

This is was the idea that I came up with for the story itself and how many episode would be aired, etc.
The story is about two characters Jenny (child's character) and Oscar (my character). After getting fired from her job as a maid Jenny walks home in the rain to cry herself into a tub of ice cream and forget about all the bad things but as she walks down the pavement she finds a very grubby looking penny. As she begins to clean it, the penny begins to shine bright and then in a flash she finds herself transported a few hours into the past and with this new power she right all her wrongs 

This was just a character info sheet for Jenny and as you can see, she hasn't been very good at holding a job down.

I was please with the flat but the image with Jenny in it could have been done a lot better but due to me not having my laptop and being pushed for time I could only come up with that image.


Oscar is a university student studying animation. He's known Jenny since they were very young and they even live on the same street. He's constantly helping Jenny getting jobs even if they don't last that long 

This was the character that I came up with ... at first I didn't know what to do for him so I just drew different hair styles and faces to see what would work 

Again I was having real trouble pinning down what I wanted so I drew different outfits and hair styles to see what would work. In the end I went with the jumper and jeans outfit in the top left 

When I first drew Oscar's design he was too normal looking and didn't suit Jenny's proportions and so I needed to push his proportions more but in the end I lengthened his legs and made is arms slightly longer

These were quite fun because I got to experiment with different textures and in the end i went with the grey jumper but the dark jeans and tan shoes in the image next to it 

These were quite fun to draw because I felt that I could get experiment more with his expressions but they were very time consuming because of the fact that I was lacking a laptop

Again these were fun to draw because I could show Oscars geeky side i.e.. the all hail the Nintendo action pose

For the backgrounds I took images of the animation room in the university.. seeing as he is a university student studying animation 

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