Tuesday 5 November 2013

School Kids !!!!

This was the project that I was most looking forward to doing and what is this project you ask?

Well for this project our tutor Matt went to his local school and asked the pupils there to draw a character to a sound clip. After that everyone in our class was allocated a character and a sound clip 

I was given Ellice Parker's drawing and the sound clip that I was given was 'Whizz Palace'

For research I looked at Adventure time, Bravest Warriors and drawings of artists interpretations of children's drawings

I immediately thought that this character was a girl and so I designed her with slightly lanky limbs and a bowl shaped fringe (to keep with the original drawing). But when I spoke to my tutor she suggested that I should give her a large head and push her proportions more and so I enlarged her head slightly and made her limbs a lot longer than her body.

 I then went onto looking at different hair styles but when I looked at them I was slightly going off track and so I went for the bowl shaped fringe with the long hair in the back but to separate them I added a hair band to give her a feminine look 

  These quick poses helped me out because I could get to grips with her proportions very easily and quickly 

 When it came to her construction I felt like I rushed it and also that I lost some of her features


 For her colours I didn't want to stray to far from the original drawing and so I experimented with different shades of blue and different texture and in the end I went for the third test

 Again when it came to the turn around I felt like I lost her features slight i.e. the shape of her eye's, nose and mouth

 For the Action and Expression sheets I felt like I could have done a lot more but due to time issue's these where all I could do but I am still pleased with the results 


I was kind of taken a back with this part of the project because I have never done an animatic before so it was a bit of a learning curve 

I'm not a very confident person when it comes to acting so when it came to my LAV's I felt quite out of my comfort zone and when did the actual film it looked too ordinary and boring.

These were just some quick thumbnails for the animatic

This was the final animatic and to be honest I could have exaggerated her movements a lot more and made her move faster so she looked like she was desperate for the toilet 

Mouth movements

Again when it came to the mouth movements I wasn't at all confident with it as I have never done it before 

Before I got to actually draw out the mouth movements I had to break the sound down and this caused me some confusion as I found it difficult hear when the words start and end

 These were the final mouth movement drawings and again I found this quite difficult

this is a close up video of me saying the lines 

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