Thursday 6 March 2014

Week 3 challenge

Week 3 Challenge 

For this challenge I had to go to the museum and chose some objects that I wanted to make into character. After about 3 visits to the museum I chose what object I wanted to make into a character.

 These were some initial idea's of what some of my characters would look like but after a third visit to the museum I found a object that better suited to what I wanted 

And so I chose a Flower Vase 


I did get some stick about this about being and ovary plant but I stuck with it 

This was the first idea that I got because to me the object looked very feminine and so I thought she looked like an alien singer (like the one from the fifth sense)

By mistake I gave my creature a flat chest and making it look like a male character but I thought I would stick with that because when you look at some male animals they are very brightly coloured to attract a mate and also plants because they want to attract pollinators and prey.
So my idea for him was that he is an alien plant that feeds via the mouth at the back of his head. 

(quick expressions)

There was some discussion about the arms staying or going because he looked to human and so I did some designs where he didn't have arms 

(Head mouth open)
 As the design progressed people did suggest the I should bring his body lower so that it looks like he is hunting.

So after a lot of debating I decided that I was going to keep the arms but when he is hunting he tucks them up against his chest so they don't get in the way. 

                              (Not Feeding)                           (Feeding)

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