Friday 21 February 2014

Week Challenge 1

Week Challenges 

For my next project I had to do a challenge a week over 4 weeks 

For the first week I had to find 2 outfits or costumes and design a character to them 


These were some of the outfits that I looked at first but I thought they were all too much the same so I looked at other outfits 


Concept Work

This was just and Idea of what the characters would look like with their outfits on but like I said previously, they all looked the same and belonged in the same world

The hooded girl is my favourite design. She looks quite secretive and you want to know why she has that bag with her.... is it a normal bag? is there something important that she is carrying?

(For this character above I found him quite difficult and uncomfortable to draw so I decided to drop his design)

This design is also my favourite.. although the clothes were designed to be worn by a young women it suits this character very well even though he is a boy.

Final Designs

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